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PodPitara - The premium end-to-end radio service


To be the facilitator of information, clarity, and integration in organizations.


A better-connected world where information is shared flawlessly

About PodPitara

PodPitara — the on-demand Radio Service - is an efficient mode of communication and connection. You can break the news, make announcements and share information with the employees, students, or fellow members. PodPitara is a hassle-free system to record, broadcast, and schedule your audio messages for connecting and communicating with your people. We offer customized solutions for Universities, Corporations, and Communities.


PodPitara is a group of experienced professionals who excel in developing audio content and thrilled for Audio tech revolution. The team is very well-equipped to cater to the needs of different clients. They will also help you analyze the insights into result-oriented actions. And make sure your message is crafted, conveyed, and cultivated for the expected outcome.

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