On-demand Radio

On-demand radio is a unique way to communicate with the campus community. With PodPitara, it is easier. You can engage with your students, staff, and the campus community utilizing the power of audio messaging. As and when required.

Most essentially, the radio offers mobility. One can listen to the episodes while performing other tasks. Statistics show that most people listen to the programs while driving. The percentage is followed by jogging or gyming. Almost 50% of people listen to the audio while doing something else. And not during their working or study hours or sitting at their desk.

There is a high probability of the audience misunderstanding or misinterpreting a written message because the tone and tenor of the voice are missing. Radio eradicates chances of such errors by 100% and delivers the message exactly as you want. The audience receives it with better intimacy. They connect better and understand clearly. And cut the information clutter coming through text messages or emails and ensure impactful messaging.

PodPitara also provides you with better exposure to the listener- insight. By sending bulk emails, you only assess open and click rates. With our on-demand radio platform, you get access to the details around consumption behaviors and actionable insights. And your team can improve listener statistics.